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  • Why does NÜD not have a "straight hair" option?
    NÜD's ethically sourced hair comes as a natural body wave, and in order to create a straight option that hair would need to go through a chemical relaxing process which would compromise the quality and longevity of the hair.
  • Can NÜD hair be colored?
    NÜD Hair is 100% Silicone free, human remy hair, Therefore it can be colored. However, NÜD does not guarantee any coloring results. 
  • Where is NÜD sourced?
    NÜD Hair is 100% Remy human hair, cuticle intact, and sourced from Europe, Russia and Southeat Asia.
  • Is NÜD hair permed or chemically processed?
    NÜD hair is not permed or relaxed. The Kinky Curls are ethically sourced from Southeast Asia and go through a proprietary steaming non-chemical process to enhance the natural curls.
  • What makes NÜD different?
    NÜD is an all inclusive Hair Extension line. NÜD hair has been thoughtfully crafted in varied textures and tones in 4 application methods; The Naked Weft, Stripped I-Tips, The Body Weft, and Bare Tapes. All shades are available in Body wave, to be styled straight or waved and Kinky, to enhance or elongate kinky curls by conforming to the natural curl pattern.
  • How many packs for a new install?
    Depending on your client's length and density, when choosing how many packs to purchase please refer to the guide below. Volume 50g-100g Natural volume and length 150g-200g Maximum volume and length 200g-300g
  • What is your return policy?
    If you are not fully satisfied with your order, you may exchange your NÜD hair within 30 days, so long as the security tag is not broken.
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